Mitchell Library Wedding

This week I have been clearing older weddings off of my computer in preparation for the new wedding season (don’t worry, they are all backed up, twice). I’ve already shot a couple of small weddings this year but they start in earnest next week with one on Friday and Saturday.

Whilst going through the weddings I came across Fiona and Greg’s wonderful Mitchell Library Wedding from back in September and remembered that I have been meaning to add it to my blog for ages! I thought it would make a good start to a fresh year. It had been a wee while since my last 29 Royal Exchange Square wedding (update 2020: It’s now closed down for good), a venue that is right in the very heart of Glasgow, and I was looking forward to returning. I had even more to look forward to though because their wedding ceremony was in the magnificent Mitchell Library. The largest public reference library in Europe and a fantastic setting for a wedding ceremony, as you’ll see from the photographs. After the wedding ceremony at the Mitchell Library Fiona, Greg and myself jumped in a taxi (always feels awkward being in the back of a taxi with a newly married couple…) and popped into nearby Kelvingrove Park for a little photoshoot. The weather wasn’t brilliant so we had to keep it short but it was well worth the little bit of extra effort. Back at Club 29 all the guests were enjoying the open air terrace, complete with a life sized model of a cow, which gave me a great opportunity to grab some informal shots of the guests as they enjoyed themselves.

I had a great day and Fiona and Greg were such lovely people to work with. I got to see them again not too long afterwards at Lesley’s (one of the bridesmaids) wedding at Rowallan Castle which was great!

Incidentally, as it is a new year of weddings I have decided to finally take the plunge and completely switch camera systems. After 18 or so years of using Canon cameras for weddings, and Fujifilm cameras for my own work, I have sold all of my Canon gear and switched exclusively to Fujifilm. Their cameras are smaller and lighter (better for my back on a 12 hour wedding day) and the picture quality is, I believe, nicer than my Canon produces.


Beautiful pictures!!


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