Scotland Wedding Photographer

At heart I see myself as a storyteller. Simply selecting the very best images from the hundreds of weddings and elopements that I have had the pleasure of photographing doesn’t really tell you much about who I am except that I can make a good photograph. I prefer to show you my work as a series of wedding stories, each with around 80 images from just one wedding.

Every wedding, whether a large full-day event or a tiny elopement for just two people, I photograph is completely different to the one that came before it and I treat each one as though it is the first I have ever photographed. I believe that working through every wedding in the same way simply detracts from all the hard work you have invested to make your day so unique. Please, have a look through a few of these weddings from start to finish and hopefully you will get a great idea not only of my photography style but also my way of telling your story.