Justin and Danny’s Wedding Photographs at Springkell

One of my very first weddings of 2017 was at perhaps my very favourite wedding venue in Scotland, Springkell near Carlisle in the Borders. For me I find that making wedding photographs at Springkell is always a real pleasure, particularly on a bright sunny day such as the one we had for Justin and Danny’s wedding there back in March. It’s just such a great venue with beautiful large, bright airy spaces inside and fabulous gardens to roam around in.

Justin and Danny wanted me to photograph their wedding in a very relaxed manner to really just capture the whole day from start to finish so I was able to enjoy zipping around Springkell in the morning to capture shots of each of them getting ready. Danny with his ‘groom’s maids’ and Justin with his two best men – Danny’s room was definitely the most chaotic. The lovely Humanist ceremony, conducted by Jan Dunckley, was one of the most emotional I’d photographed for a while. As a seasoned wedding-attender I am generally impervious to tears but when Danny didn’t even make it to the end of the aisle without the first signs of a sniffle I found myself starting to get a bit emotional too. All the tears soon dried up however when we all went outside into the wonderful gardens and enjoyed the spring sunshine! As the sun was setting the hard sunlight gave way to the magical ‘golden hour’ and Danny and Justin were happy to take a break from their dinner to pop outside for just a few minutes to grab a handful of relaxed pictures on the back steps. We took a couple of semi-posed pictures and I left them to have a moment to themselves, but I couldn’t resist shooting through the nearby window to catch some completely natural pictures of them both without then being aware of me doing so.

Wedding Photographs at Springkell Wedding Photographs at Springkell Wedding Photographs at Springkell Wedding Photographs at Springkell Wedding Photographs at Springkell Wedding Photographs at Springkell

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