Questionas and Answers about Wedding Photography

Questions and Answers about my  Wedding Photography

Here are a few commonly asked questions about my wedding photography. They cover larger, all-day weddings and for a similar page about elopements and small weddings please take a look here instead.

Do you photograph family groups?
Do you usually work alone?
How far will you travel?
How long will you spend at our wedding?
Do you work for a set amount of hours?
What is reportage photography?
Should you feed me dinner?
Do you photograph in black and white?
Why are there no static galleries on your site?
What happens if I loose my USB stick, and all of my photographs?
Do you only work weekends?
Do you have any reviews I can read?
Do you photograph same-sex weddings?
Will you share our photographs on social media?
Do you photograph both the bride and groom in the morning?
How can we see your prices?
Will you photograph our ceremony?
Can we print our own photographs?
How can we book you?
Do you photograph anything else?
Can you recommend somebody who can film our day?
What about ‘unplugged’ weddings?

Q. Do you photograph family group photographs?

A. I suppose this is one of the things people worry about the most when hiring a reportage photographer but there really isn’t anything to be concerned about, and of course I will be more than happy to photograph some family group pictures for you. If, like some people, you wanted no staged shots then I wouldn’t take any however most people are happy to have some. I normally do about 10 and that would take around 15 minutes. There is no particular need to write a list but, if it makes you more comfortable and you have specific ideas about the shots you want, then by all means email one through to me before the wedding so that I can re-order it as required to make the process as swift and painless as possible. I’ll do my best to accommodate requests on the day but it isn’t always possible due to time / weather constraints. If you are the kind of person who will definitely want a picture that you can’t live without then please send a list and I shall do my best to capture them all for you. What I would strongly advise against would be a list of 20+ photographs as it just takes too long and you will get very, very bored… I have included a list of the most popular photographs below – feel free to edit this as you wish. Please note that it is much easier for me if you use “bride’s parents” rather than “Bob and Sue”.

The bride and groom plus:
The bride’s parents
The groom’s parents
The bride’s parents AND the groom’s parents together
The bride’s parents plus brothers, sisters and grandparents
The groom’s parents plus brothers, sisters and grandparents
The bridesmaids and flowergirls
The best man, ushers and groomsmen
The bridesmaids AND the ushers, best man etc.
All the guests (although this is very weather dependent and you need a good vantage point at the venue)

Q. Do you work alone or with another photographer?

A. I work by myself for almost all of my weddings but I understand that some couples would like the extra coverage that a second photographer can bring, particularly for larger weddings, and, if this is what you would like, then I can bring along another photographer with me on the day for a small extra charge (detailed on my current price list). I work closely with two other professional photographers who are, in their own right, both accomplished artists and enjoy photographing weddings just as much as I do.

Q. Where are you based and how far will you travel?

A. I am based in a small village called Bishopton, about 20 minutes west of Glasgow. Although I am based in the West of Scotland I cover weddings all over the place – in fact only about 1/4 of my weddings will be in Glasgow with the rest spread throughout Scotland and the North of England. I used to live in Harrogate in North Yorkshire and still enjoy photographing weddings there and absolutely love travelling to photograph Lake District weddings  in Cumbria. I don’t charge for travel within Scotland or the north of England unless I need to take the ferry. The furthest I have been for a wedding is Rhodes in Greece and I had a great time. You can see the results here.

Q. How long will you spend at our wedding?

A. I used to offer all kinds of coverage but the vast majority of customers wanted full-day photography so that’s all I offer now. With your permission I will start at the preparations stage of the day a couple of hours before the ceremony.  I will then stay to photograph you and your guests for the first 30 minutes or so of the dancing in the evening. Elopements and tiny weddings are usually different. For those I tend to be working for 3 to 4 hours and it is completely dependent upon the couple’s plans for their day.

Q. Do you work for a specific amount of hours?

A. No – I think of weddings as being very elastic in their timings. I am rarely at a wedding that runs on time (and not because of me either!) and I will stay until the dancing (see above) regardless of whether it starts at 8pm, as planned, or 10pm.

Q. So, what is Reportage and is it the same as Documentary photography?

A. Reportage, documentary and photojournalism are all terms used to describe the same thing. In a nutshell, I will simply turn up in the morning and take photographs continuously throughout the whole day, largely in an unposed and fuss-free way as and when things happen. It is unobtrusive and captures people at their best. I am good at hunting out and capturing moments that tell the story of your wedding rather than setting up all of the photographs to look like a generic wedding. I will still take as many posed family group shots as you ask me to of course, but that won’t be the focus of the day. I hope that the photographs on my blog will give you a good idea of my style of photography.

Q. Do you expect a meal at our wedding?

A. I don’t expect to be fed, I charge enough and I am sure I can afford to bring my own sandwiches. However, I do sometimes get the chance of a meal (although rarely with the other guests, which is fine by me) and I am always extremely grateful for it. It’s always a nice surprise to get a wee something on the day.

Q. I notice you shoot black and white – how does that work?

A. I love black and white. Given the chance I would shoot most of a wedding in monochrome, but I know that most couples wouldn’t appreciate that… On the day itself I photograph everything in colour and then, when I edit the photographs, I decide which will look best in black and white and change them. Typically this results in about 80% staying in colour. I am confident that you will like my choices but, if you want to see one or two changed to black and white or colour then just ask and I will do that for you!

Q. Why are there no static galleries on your website?

A. Rather than show you a few photographs from one or two of my very best weddings I prefer to simply show you my most recent blog posts. They are right up to date and each one has around 80 photographs in it. I am not about creating one or two great standalone images from a wedding – I want to give you a whole set of photographs that reflect the whole day, and a blog format is a perfect way of showing that I can do that for you.

Q. What happens if I loose my USB stick, and all of my photographs?

A. It’s really important for you to make a second copy, or backup, of your photographs as soon as you receive your USB stick in the post. However, I do hold a backup here in my office for a while and you can order a replacement from me. There is a whole page about this on my website here.

Q. You have a great job, only working at weekends!

A. A lot of people say this to me at weddings. The reality is that I have to spend ages and ages editing your photographs during the week to get them to the standard you would expect from a professional photographer. By ‘editing’ I mean colour correction, cropping, adjusting the lighting balance, touching out the unavoidable fire exit signs and not adding fancy skies and cheesy sunsets. It takes, on average, about 3 or 4 full days to edit a wedding depending how sunny it is outside and therefore how many cups of tea I have to take in the garden.

Q. Do you have any client testimonials I can read?

A. Yes! You can see up-to-date recommendations from my past brides and grooms on my site here and also on my business Facebook page here Silver Photography on Facebook.

Q. Do you photograph civil partnerships and same-sex weddings?

A. I have absolutely no problems with that whatsoever and have enjoyed photographing many over the past few years. In fact some of the loveliest weddings I have ever been to were between same-sex couples. I really don’t treat a same-sex wedding any differently to any other wedding and offer the same service to everyone. Take a look at Justin and Danny’s wedding here.

Q. Will you use our photographs on social media after the wedding?

A. A lot of people are worried about this. These days marketing on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) is very important and my simply business would’t exist without it. You yourself most likely found me via the internet. However, the privacy of my clients of also of the utmost importance to me and I understand that not everyone wants their pictures on the web. For this reason I always make a point of asking your permission before adding your photographs to my website or social media – if you say no then I might be disappointed but I can promise that I won’t use them. The majority of my clients are delighted to have their photographs on display but I have also photographed some outstanding weddings for more private couples who have asked me not to publish their images and nobody, other than their close friends, will ever be able to see them.

Q. Can you photograph both the bride and the groom in the morning before the wedding?

A. Sometimes, yes… Normally the focus is on the bride but if the bride and groom are both getting ready in the same hotel then I will definitely be able to flit between the two of you. At the very least I will be at the ceremony location before the bride and I can get a few shots of the groom looking nervous and shuffling about. If you are very keen on having coverage of both parties then I would strongly suggest that you ask about a second photographer for the day.

Q. How can I see your prices?

A.  So that I can check my availability, for both the date and the location of your wedding (I can’t shoot a wedding in Yorkshire on Friday and then Aberdeen on Saturday) and send you the correct price list (it might be cheaper if it is a Tuesday in February) I ask that you fill out the enquiry form on my website or simply send me an email and I will send you a link to the prices straight away.

Q. Will you take photographs of our wedding ceremony?

A. In my eyes the wedding ceremony is the key part of the day and is something I love to photograph. I am very aware of the importance and potential sensitivity of that time of the day and I work accordingly, being as quiet and unobtrusive as I possibly can. People always say to me that they had no idea that I was taking pictures – for me this is great! I am almost always permitted to take pictures, however there are a very small handful of churches (and celebrants) that won’t allow it and I have to abide by the rules. If you would like pictures of your wedding ceremony I would urge you to clarify exactly what the situation is with your celebrant / minister / priest to save disappointment – in my experience it sadly isn’t something that is usually ever made clear to the bride and groom unless specifically asked. They might say yes, but then it turns out that they mean only before and after the actual ceremony, which isn’t terribly useful – if you are keen on having pictures then you should make sure…

Q. Can I print the photographic files you give us?

A. Absolutely. All of the packages I offer include a USB drive containing every one of your edited photographs. They are all at full resolution and do not have any watermarks or ‘copyright’ emblazoned across the middle. I will also give you a letter giving you permission to print from the disk so that you don’t get into trouble in Boots.

Q. How do we book you?

A. Before booking you might like to arrange to have a chat over the phone or via video conferencing such as Zoom or perhaps, if I have been recommended to you, you aren’t bothered and just want to book anyway. It is useful, but not essential by any means. When it gets to the point in time that you want to proceed with a booking I will give you a booking form and you fill it out and pay a £300 deposit to secure the date. You don’t even have to tell me which package you want if you can’t decide at that time, you only need to reserve the date and everything else can be worked out later.

Q. Do you photograph anything other than weddings?

A. I do, yes. I started wedding photography because I could turn my hobby into a business (lucky me!) and I still take pictures of all sorts of things. The best place to see them is on my personal website or on instagram @trevormwilson.

Q. What do you think about ‘Unplugged’ weddings where the guests aren’t allowed to take pictures?

A. When guests take their own pictures it generally doesn’t bother me too much. I photograph dozens of weddings and rarely does it cause me a problem. Potential issues (for me as a photographer) are if people step out in front of you when you are walking up the aisle to get that action shot and, most commonly, when I am taking group photographs and one of you looks at your friend with a camera instead of me. I can work around these without too much difficulty. From your point of view, as a couple, do you want 5 iPads recording your ceremony and spoiling the view for other guests? That is up to you entirely, but I know it has caused many of my clients problems in the past. If you don’t want your guests to go crazy with their cameras / iPads / phones then it is common for couples to ask their celebrant to make a little announcement at the start of the ceremony, so don’t feel to guilty about it.

Q. Can you recommend a good videographer who can film our day?

A. Absolutely. If you are considering hiring someone to film your day for you there are a few videographers that I have worked with in the past that will do a great job for you. Let me know I will email you back their details. I cannot stress this enough but you really should take care to find a videographer who works with a similar style to your photographer. There is no point hiring me because you like my laidback natural documentary style and then choosing a videographer who is really cheesy and into weird poses from the 1980s. I have worked with all of the people I will recommend to you and can promise that they aren’t at all like that!

Q. My question isn’t on here!

A. Wedding photography is my full-time occupation and you should feel that you can call, text, email or Facebook me at any time during office hours and I will always be delighted to help. If it is a good question I might even add it to this list…