Ingliston Wedding with Sparkles, a Horse and a Chihuahua.

An Ingliston Wedding with Sparkles, a Horse and a Chihuahua.

So this Ingliston wedding, in Bishopton just outside Glasgow, had just about everything. A horse named Dino, a feisty Chihuahua called Stanley, a LOT of sparkle for Emma and her husband Euan (in fact Euan might have won out on the sparkliness), several pairs of shoes, Rod Stewart and Gene Simmons (in 2D), a vintage American car, rock music and Stanley the chihuahua (who was very prominent so I’ll mention him twice).

My penultimate wedding of the year was certainly a great way to end a fantastic year of wedding photography. Winter weddings can be tough, weather-wise, up here in Scotland but 2016 was a kind year and I seemed to hit the jackpot every time I had a wedding to photograph. When I arrived at Ingliston Country Club on the 17th December the sun was shining, albeit barely above the horizon, and it didn’t rain once all day! My day began at Emma’s house where I first got to meet the star of the show, Stanley. A little chihuahua with a lot of character. He was kind of a substitute for Emma’s bouquet but with the added bonus of also being a useful hand warmer at the same time. As well as being a nice setting for a wedding Ingliston is actually an equestrian venue which was critical when it came to housing the biggest, but most beautiful, of all Emma and Euan’s wedding guests, Dino the horse. Poor Dino didn’t get any shoes, unlike Emma who had several pairs, but he did get an amazing embroidered blanket for the day.

After the ceremony, before the light failed completely as it does quite early this close to the winter solstice, Emma, Euan, Stanley and I nipped around the corner to go and pay a visit to Dino and have a few pictures taken. Emma realised that Christian Louboutin shoes weren’t great for walking around in the sawdust in a stable, nor were they ideal for leading a large horse around on a wet pavement, however everyone just about remained upright, nobody was bitten or trodden on and, most importantly, nobody got hypothermia. It was certainly one of the most entertaining photoshoots I have done for a while and I was really pleased with the results. I even got to pay homage to one of my all-time favourite photographers Elliott Erwitt as you will see from the main picture at the top of this post (click this link to see his version).

With a strong music theme tuning through the day the evening was brilliant to witness, as you’d expect. The first dance, played by the awesome Three Card Trick, was the highly appropriate ‘I was Made for Loving’ You’ by Kiss – why have I never heard this at a wedding before in almost 20 years?

Thanks guys for being such fun clients and for letting me share your wedding here on my website!


Beautiful job, as usual, Trevor. My girls need to hurry up and get married so I can hire you in Southern California! Wait… on second thought, I’m in no hurry. But you’d be my first choice!

Thanks Doreen! I’d definitely be up for some photography in California. Can you try and convince then to get married in Joshua Tree or on a beach in the Big Sur?


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