Caroline and Will’s Mar Hall Wedding

Caroline and Will’s Mar Hall Wedding

It had been a few months since my last Mar Hall wedding and when I awoke on the morning of Caroline and Will’s wedding day I was delighted to see that the sun was shining as I knew that the guests would all be outside in the afternoon sunning themselves and I’d be able to capture some lovely springtime images for them. Only the wedding reception was at Mar Hall, before that Caroline and Will were married at the beautiful Killearn Kirk where Caroline’s own mother and father were married a few years ago. It was a beautiful church, and the minister there was very happy to let me take a few photographs which is always a bonus (top tip for couples getting married in a church – it’s definitely worth asking specifically whether your minister allows photography, never just assume that it’s OK because they haven’t said otherwise).

After a few relaxed photographs at the church we all made our way over to Mar Hall, in the nearby town of Bishopton, for a champagne reception in the gardens behind the house. I always like to make use of the lovely steps in the garden for a group photograph of all of the guests – it’s a perfect location for that type of image. As the weather was lovely I managed to persuade Caroline and Will to come outside just after dinner to have a few pictures in the amazing soft light just as the sun was setting where we managed to create what I think are some lovely images. I’m back at Mar Hall for another wedding in September – I can’t wait!

See if you can spot Mar Hall regular Roger Daltrey – he’s relaxing in one of the photographs…

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Caroline and Will's Mar Hall Wedding Caroline and Will's Mar Hall Wedding Caroline and Will's Mar Hall WeddingCaroline and Will's Mar Hall Wedding


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