Summer Wedding at Springkell

Summer Wedding at Springkell – Lynsey and Stuart

I actually started to put together this blog about Lynsey and Stuart’s summer wedding at Springkell well over a year ago and I honestly have no idea why I didn’t ever finish it. I am going back to Springkell again, for another wedding, in a couple of days and I had this nagging feeling in my mind that there was a really lovely wedding that I hadn’t shared on my website yet. Well, here it is!

Lynsey and Stuart’s wedding day at Springkell was one of those extremely rare days in Scotland where it was actually too hot to go outside for the ceremony. That generally never happens here. Usually I all my clients want to get married outdoors and every few manage it because the weather is too bad, not because it is too good. (Although there are some hardy people who persevere and get married outside anyway). So, with the sun beating down outside, we all watched humanist celebrant Ali Kerr perform her magic in the Wedding Room with the bride and groom’s dog, Oakley, there to make sure everyone behaved.

Springkell is just one of those places that has absolutely perfect spaces for a wedding reception – inside and out. There are beautiful gardens — and we did use those much later in the day after dinner when it was cool enough — but indoors are several large, airy and bright rooms that are perfect for a photographer looking to capture informal photographs of guests chatting and having a nice time.

I am sitting here in my office writing this, and preparing for my wedding at Springkell tomorrow, and it is the start of February. Whilst I would love for it to be as nice as it was for Lynsey and Stuart’s summer wedding at Springkell I don’t have very high hopes but, as with all my other visits to this magnificent venue, I am still very much looking forward to working there.


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