Western House Hotel Wedding – Miranda and Malcolm

Western House Hotel Wedding – Miranda and Malcolm

I’ve photographed many a Western House Hotel wedding and knew that this one was going to be great! It was a scorching hot day and I was sure that all the guests would be out in the lovely gardens all afternoon enjoying the summery atmosphere. There’s something very special about shooting weddings outside when you are a photographer in a country like Scotland, where the weather can be pretty hit or miss – it is great to be able to have the freedom to move amongst the guests relatively unnoticed and capture the fun of the day. I also knew it would be a great day because I had already met a lot of the family. Back in 2013 I photographed the wedding of Alison and Carlo, the parent’s of the page boy at today’s wedding, at Dumfries house not far down the road.

You may have noticed that there are fewer of my favourite black and white photographs from this wedding – it was just such a colourful day that I couldn’t bring myself to strip all that away. A lot of people misunderstand what documentary or reportage style wedding photography actually is and think that all their pictures have to be in black and white whereas I don’t think this has to be the case at all. I really love black and white but for some events such as Miranda and Malcolms vibrant Western House Hotel wedding, it just doesn’t represent the day as well as a bit of colour.

Make up: makemeup by Claire Young
Hair: Megan T Hair – Megan Tulloch
Dress: Anne Priscilla
Florist: 27 Alloway

You can also see a slightly older Western House Hotel wedding here https://www.silverphotography.co.uk/ali-claires-wedding-western-house-hotel-ayr/


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