Big Husky Lodge Wedding – Darryl and Naemie

Big Husky Lodge Wedding – Darryl and Naemie

On a remarkably sunny morning in April I jumped into my car and headed north for the beautiful drive to Aviemore in the Cairngorm National Park for my very first, but hopefully not the last, Big Husky Lodge Wedding. To my enormous disappointment there wasn’t a husky; not even a small one. Not any kind of dog in fact. I managed to look past that though and focussed on the day ahead. Incidentally, in the weird world of wedding last year I had around 7 or 8 weddings with family dogs present (and a horse, and a sheep), but this year I am not aware that there will be a single one!

Bride and groom, Naemie and Darryl, avid skiers who met one winter in Canada, had what I think was a brilliant plan for their wedding. They decided upon a two day event – day one was their wedding for just 12 people up in the mountains of Aviemore at the stunning Big Husky Lodge and then, a few days later, they had a second day where they invited a whole load of people to Eastwood House in the heart of Glasgow for a big party and some tasty pulled-pork and chilli. This meant they could stay a week in the beautiful mountains, have the intimate ceremony they wanted with close family members in a location that wouldn’t really fit too many more people, and yet still manage to involve everyone else a few days later as well – perfect.

The day definitely felt (finally) very spring-like and this was greatly enhanced by the daffodils that Naemie and Darryl had placed all about the lodge as decorations. They had done a brilliant job of adding their own personal touch to the setting and made the lodge into a beautiful place for their wedding. When I arrived the charcuterie was being laid out alongside more avocados than I’d ever seen in one place before and everyone was chipping in with any jobs that needed doing. I do love a nice DIY wedding!

Local humanist celebrant Lesley Simpson arrived and, once the tears of happiness had subsided, the Big Husky Lodge wedding ceremony was underway. It was all very relaxed and a joy to photograph, especially with the beautiful window light spilling into the room from behind me. Afterwards everyone moved out into the incredible sunshine and sat around the stone circle in the garden for an impromptu speech, the season’s first sunburn and a few family photographs.

Whilst the lodge was a lovely setting we wanted more so the three of us jumped into a car and drove the short distance to Loch Garten. A beautiful blue mountain loch surrounded by forest and flanked by distant snow-capped mountains which offered an almost perfect location for photography. We made some lovely photographs down by the water’s edge, completely silent except for a nearby woodpecker, before driving along a little further to a place where the light was streaming through the trees creating an amazing opportunity for photographs. I could’ve stayed there all day taking photographs but there was food waiting for us back at the lodge. Except there wasn’t, because most of it had been eaten before we got back…

If you are planning your own Big Husky Lodge wedding and are looking for a photographer please get in touch as I would dearly love to go back again! This year and last I have definitely seen a huge increase in the number of more adventurous weddings and I couldn’t be happier. I am very much an outdoors kind of person and the opportunity to be out amongst nature whilst working at the same time suits me perfectly. I have a whole page on this website for adventurous weddings and elopements so please take a look here for more information.


Stunning photography and venue, Darryl and Naemie look handsome and gorgeous as well as really happy together

This location is so beautiful! Love the portraits!

Wow, what a gorgeous and intimate wedding celebration. I’m sorry there were no huskies!

They look so joyful together. So much emotion and love!

LOVE the traditional elements in their wedding! And the kilts! Married a Scottsmen myself!

These are gorgeous! Wow this is such a great elopement.

Soo so beautiful!

I love that they found a way to still have a small wedding with just close family and then celebrate with more people a few days later! And I agree, very disappointing that there is no husky at Big Husky Lodge! Buttttt that forest of trees you found is magical!

Oh my goodness this wedding is so beautiful!

Beautiful photos . Darrly and Naemie you both look amazing. Beautiful scenery

Thank you Pat – glad that you like the photographs!


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