Hillhouse Wedding Photographs – Robyn and Richard

Hillhouse Wedding Photographs – Robyn and Richard

2018 has already been a year of wedding animals (there will be a whole blog post about that soon…) and this set of Hillhouse wedding photographs has more than its fair share with not only a horse but two dogs as well! I don’t mind at all, in fact I think it is great when our hairy friends come along to such a special occasion. Robyn and Richard’s extremely excited dogs were, to date, the hardest things I have ever tried to photograph tough without a doubt.

My day began in the morning at Robyn’s parent’s house in Troon on the west coast of Scotland. With five bridesmaids, a flowergirl, the bride’s mum and of course Robyn herself all in one room it was quite busy but still good fun and we managed to capture some great images. The ceremony was at St Ninian’s Episcopal church just along the road  – quite a beautiful church inside with pretty nice lighting (for a church) which meant I could take photographs from the very back without disturbing anyone which is always great. After a carefully orchestrated barrage of confetti we all wound our way up the long driveway to the stunning walled gardens at Hillhouse itself. I have been there before for another wedding but I had forgotten just how beautifully well maintained the grounds were.

Binky the horse arrived for her photoshoot bang on time, walking peacefully and calmly like a supermodel over to Robyn and Richard. Then dogs Dixie and Dudley arrived in a complete whirlwind of fuzzy fur and craziness. Needless to say the pictures with Binky were probably more successful than the ones with the two dogs but we did manage to get them all into one photograph eventually.

After one of the tastiest wedding meals I’ve ever eaten the dancing started quickly and, because this was June, there was still loads of light even at 8pm so we went back out into the gardens for just a few more relaxed photographs to end the day.

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Venue – Hillhouse http://www.hillhouse.co.uk
Dress by Opus Atelier – http://www.opusatelier.co.uk



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