Mar Hall Wedding – Maheshi and Grant

Mar Hall Wedding – Maheshi and Grant

I meant to add Maheshi and Grant’s Mar Hall wedding to my blog months ago but somehow I never managed to get around to it, but I never forgot what an amazing day it was. Well, a few days ago Maheshi and Grant left me a really kind review on my Facebook page and I decided it was about time that I share their Mar Hall wedding with you, not least of all because it was a lovely summery day and I enjoyed reliving the warmth of the weather whilst sitting freezing in my office.

Mar Hall is a large country house just a few miles outside Glasgow and I have photographed weddings there countless times in the past, at all times of the year. Each wedding I photograph is always a little bit different to the one that preceded it and Maheshi and Grant’s Mar Hall wedding was no exception. Maheshi and her family are from Sri Lanka and, in keeping with their traditions, they had a Sri-Lankan Poruwa ceremony as well as a Humanist wedding ceremony. The Poruwa ceremony was quite complex but I’ve found an interesting article that explains it very nicely here – sacred poruwa ceremony. The Humanist ceremony was first, with Grant and Maheshi wearing the usual Scottish kilt and wedding dress respectively, followed by a few pictures outside. Grant and Maheshi then went and got changed into an amazing white wedding suit (for Grant) and a beautiful saree for Maheshi. The Sri Lankan wedding ceremony was completely new to me and presented its own challenges when it came to photography – I didn’t know what to expect so it really kept my assistant Amanda and I on our toes. After the Sri Lankan ceremony there was yet another wardrobe change, back into their Scottish outfits, before Grant and Maheshi continued enjoying themselves into the evening.

I’d like to take this opportunity to that Maheshi and Grant for not only asking me to photograph their Mar Hall wedding but also for taking the time to write a very kind review for me too. Reviews are very important to me and it is always very appreciated when someone takes the time to write something.

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