Scottish Castle Elopement – Jasmine and Jonathan

Scottish Castle Elopement – Jasmine and Jonathan

It feels like I have been at Culzean Castle every other week for a wedding this year. I’m not complaining through – it is such a perfect wedding venue from a photographic point of view that I’d be happy to shoot here every day! Canadian bride and groom Jasmine and Jonathan wanted a Scottish castle elopement, and when you realise how wonderful that is who can blame them. Imagine just two people, madly in love, jetting off across the Atlantic ocean to spend a few days living in an ancient Scottish castle with an incredibly intimate and romantic wedding ceremony thrown into the mix. No fuss, no seating plans to worry about, no guests to invite – just you and the one you love. And a gorgeous wandering dog that happened to stop by and photobomb a photograph.

Their Scottish castle elopement was just perfect! Thank you Jasmine and Jonathan for letting me add your elopement photographs to my blog – I really appreciate it! Thanks also to Danielle and Helen from the castle for all their help on the day ferrying us around the grounds and keeping things running smoothly at Culzean.

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