A Romantic Isle of Skye Elopement

A Romantic Isle of Skye Elopement – Charlotte and Tom

A wee while ago I came across a business article online, aimed at photographers, that was talking about the best way to attract the customers that are most suited to you. As I am getting a little older, and have been photographing weddings full-time for over 20 years now, I definitely know that certain types of weddings, and wedding clients, are more suited to my work than others. So what did this article suggest to photographers, such as myself? It is simple really; show what you want to shoot. And what would I like to photograph more of then? Well, little relaxed and fun weddings like Charlotte and Tom’s incredibly romantic Isle of Skye elopement a fortnight ago. I could photograph a wedding like theirs every day of the week and never get bored. Although, if there was always as much cake on offer I would definitely need to take up running to offset the extra calories.

To beat the inevitable crowds on Skye we had decided that we try and have the ceremony a little earlier in the day, at 10am, so it was an early morning rise for me on the campsite in Broadford, a few miles south of Portree where Charlotte and Tom were based in their lovely little cottage. Despite managing to travel 200 miles from Glasgow without incident my little dog Chip decided that morning that the roads of Skye were just too bendy and he lost his breakfast all over the front of my campervan. After a quick stop to sort it all out I was worried that Charlotte and Tom might be a little cross at my later than planned arrival but they simply couldn’t have been nicer. They even had an extremely thoughtful bag of presents waiting for me, which included a box of very fancy dog treats from London (I ate one and they are actually delicious).

We set off in a small convoy of two from their cottage to the north of the island and a little beauty spot I’d never been to before, Brother’s Point. Aside from a couple of hardy folk partaking in some wild swimming, and a corral of sheep, there was absolutely nobody there in the wild and windswept landscape that is exactly the kind of view that draws people to the island from all over the world. It was such a stunning location and one that I shall definitely be encouraging people to consider for their own Isle of Skye elopements.

After a brilliant ceremony by Davina McCluskie, who put her years of performing ceremonies in very windy Skye locations to good use, we tucked into some boxes of very delicious cake, kindly supplied by Charlotte and Tom. We then tucked ourselves down into an ancient ruins to sign the marriage schedule whilst sheltering from the wind. I almost never get cake at a wedding, usually because I go home before the late evening when it is cut up, so this was a huge bonus for me. Incidentally, I also worked with Davina at Brittany and Tyler’s Loch Coruisk elopement so you might like to check that elopement out too.

Tom and Charlotte had preempted the new page of advice on my website that I had put together about planning for your own elopement in the wilderness. A few days before my journey to the Isle of Skye I had written a page giving seven tips that I, as a photographer and seasoned wedding-goer, thought might be helpful things to think about when planning your own little wedding in the wilderness. Without even seeing my tips they had already done every one of them except for numbers 6 and 7 (it was far too windy for midges and they didn’t need a videographer) – great work guys!

I would like to take a moment to thank Charlotte and Tom again for being such wonderful clients to work with and for being about as relaxed as two people could possibly be. Not only did they make the day so easy, and gave me such thoughtful gifts, they even left a wonderful review too. You can read that here https://www.facebook.com/charlotte.anstis/posts/10159032645611727

Charlotte herself is a gifted artist and creates amazing prints that you can see on her Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/pigeon.wing.workshop


You photographed my daughter’s wedding 7 years ago and you just have such a knack for capturing wonderful moments. I love your style of photography. These are simply superb!

Trevor, these are absolutely breathtaking. You’re not bad at this! Seriously, I don’t even know these people and now I want to. You captured the day beautifully!

You would LOVE Tom and Charlotte Doreen – we should invite them on our group camp, whenever we get to do that again 🙂


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