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Storybook Wedding Album Example

If you choose a package with an album, which album will you get?

For full-size, all-day weddings, I offer two packages. They are both the same except that one includes an album and the other doesn’t.

The albums I use are all completely unique and designed for you with the images you choose. They are a Storybook type (as opposed to a Matted type) which means that each page is a single piece of card, with images printed directly onto it. A Matted album, in contrast, is the same except that there is a card overlay, with a cut-out window for each image, laid on top of each page. Storybook albums are more modern looking and have a smaller form because they don’t have to include all the extra overlays. If you really wanted a Matted style album you are very welcome to pay an addition fee to upgrade.

The album supplied has 30 pages / sides and holds roughly 70 images. You can easily increase the capacity by adding extra pages as needed.

The albums I use are 35cm x 25cm in a horizontal format.

You can choose the cover material and colour from a very wide range of options. Over 70 colours are included for free and there is the option to pay a small extra charge to upgrade to more expensive types of leather covers (although standard leather is already included).

The cover can be blank or, as shown in the examples below, your name and wedding date can be laser engraved into the cover.

There are several photographs below showing some examples from a couple of albums. The second album shows a few pages with images that are printed edge-to-edge and across the centra spine (the very last image shows this). This is now less popular than it used to be however if this was something you wanted for your own album you could let me know and I will design it this way for you.

One of the image shows two red albums. This shows the standard album alongside a smaller Parent’s album that can be added to your package if required.