Cromlix Wedding Photography

Cromlix Wedding Photography

Around half of the weddings I photograph these days are lovely little two-person elopements out in the mountains and glens of Scotland, with some of the rest being more standard 70-ish person all day events. More recently I am finding, certainly amongst my own client base, increasing numbers of weddings that fit somewhere in between, such as Lindsay and Jonathan’s Cromlix wedding with around 17 guests. Choosing to have this size of wedding is a brilliant idea I reckon (check out this Glencoe micro wedding of a similar size). Keeping your wedding size more manageable is never a bad idea, and you still get to invite just a few members of your family whilst, at the same time, keeping the day small and intimate. It also means you can make use of even more of the fantastic wedding venues on offer in Scotland, many of which have cosier rooms and lower guest capacities. It also means that I get to do a spot of Cromlix wedding photography again after a gap of a couple of years without getting to visit because of you-know-what.

The Cromlix, a large Victorian mansion (owned by tennis start Andy Murray), sits in large woodlands and manicured gardens in the heart of Perthshire. For a photographer like me it is fantastic. Cosy, loads of big windows and skylights for natural light and beautiful grounds to explore. It also has its very own chapel which is where L&J had their ceremony, beautifully delivered by interfaith minister Jane Patmore (having not seen her for a few years I then worked with her again the very next week!). If anyone in the chapel was dozing off due to the slightly warm atmosphere they would certainly have been awoken by the two confetti canons that were released as L&J walked back up the aisle as husband and wife.

As Lindsay and Jonathan’s wedding was so small they ditched the traditional disco in the evening and instead opted for an amazing casino! The roulette wheel and Blackjack table arrived whilst everyone was downstairs eating dinner and then, with everyone fed and watered (me included) it was time to move upstairs to gamble away a fortune in (fake) money.

With the competitiveness around the roulette wheel reaching fever pitch I noticed that the clouds outside had finally lifted and the early evening light was perfect for some end-of-day photography. Lindsay, Jonathan and I took a short stroll down the driveway and managed to make just a few extra photographs before the end of the end of the day. Although we only had a narrow 10 minute window the images we captured in the last of the warm sun were some of my favourites from the day.

I really enjoyed this most recent chance to do a bit more Cromlix wedding photography. With a nice, manageable, group of guests I can really focus on documenting the wedding day without the distraction of dozens of formal groups and lengthy lineups. If you would like to see some more tiny wedding inspiration then take a look at this one in glorious Glen Etive in the Highlands.

Thank you so much to Lindsay and Jonathan for agreeing to let me share their amazing Cromlix wedding! They were also kind enough to write me a very kind review that you can read on Google here.


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