Parent’s Albums & Extra Albums

The book-bound parent’s albums I use are in the popular Storybook Style. With this type of album each photograph is printed directly onto the album page and there are no mounts used on top of the album. The photographs you choose are added to the album in numerical order with one image per page so, for example, a 30 page album will hold 30 photographs. The albums are square 20cm x 20cm approximately.

There are 21 leather cover colours and 14 linen covers to choose from. If you have a specific request regarding the cover colour or material lease don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will be very pleased to run through the options with you.

Leather Covers for Parent's Albums
Linen Covers for Parent's Albums

The cover can be plain or, if you prefer you can add the name of the bride and groom at no extra cost. Their names will be embossed on the cover as shown below.

Parents Album Cover

To order your album please complete the form below, adding the required number of photograph reference numbers (remember there is one photograph per page). A reference number can be found on the online preview gallery and on the couple’s own USB stick. The number will look like this – AB123. The first two images in the album will be on facing pages. If you would like to start or end with a particular image please write a note in the comments box on the form.

Once the album is ready it will be posted to you at the address you’ve entered on the form itself along with the invoice for the final balance.