Rowallan Castle Wedding – Hollie and Mark

Hollie and Mark’s Rowallan Castle Wedding

My last Rowallan Castle wedding was Siobhan and Kevin’s brilliant hot and summery day, half a year ago. Today, at Hollie and Mark’s midwinter wedding there was definitely less sunshine, and a bit more rain, but there was still plenty of fun and romance in abundance. And besides, there were no beautiful snowdrops in the summer!

When I arrived at Rowallan Castle nice and early in January earlier this year it was windy and very wet. I thought I may as well start my day by taking a few shots outside, just in case the weather actually got worse (which was very possible) and managed to get some nice images along with very cold fingers. However it didn’t take long to warm up again in front of the real log fire in the hallway which was roaring away to itself nicely. I made my way up to the bedroom where all the girls were getting ready and arrived in the middle of a hairspray shortage that was alleviated, triumphantly, by Hollie’s father who arrived clutching the spray in the nick of time. After shooting a bit of the whiskey tasting that was happening in Mark’s room, and flitting about a bit to capture some more aspects of the inside of Rowallan Castle, it was time for the ceremony which was indoors today for obvious reasons.

After the ceremony I spent about half an hour taking pictures of guests mingling and well-wishing in the front entranceway before capturing just a few more formal family pictures in the lovely library. Miraculously the rain then stopped so Hollie, Mark and myself popped outside for some very swift photographs – luckily Rowallan Castle has a lot of very handy spots for photography all around the outside of the building that are paved so there’s no need to ruin your expensive shoes in the mud. Miraculously we even managed to arrange the confetti shot that Hollie and Mark were keen to capture along with a group photograph of all of the guests. There was time for a few more photographs in the inside spaces of the castle – there are a lot of beautiful windows to let in just enough light for some atmospheric portraits – and one or two more selfies with guests before speeches and dinner.

I’ve photographed a few Rowallan Castle weddings now over the past couple of years and each one has been completely different but brilliant in its own way. I have another booked for later in the year and I can’t wait to get to go back!

Venue: Rowallan Castle
Dress: Kendra from Wed2b
Flowers: Kirstie’s Flowers
Cake: M&S and beautifully decorated by Kirstie’s Flowers in Troon


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