Roulotte Retreat Wedding

Roulotte Retreat Wedding – Catherine and Paddy

One of the many things I love about photographing elopements is getting to see the ways in which people make their wedding day their own. Because it is just the two of you can you pretty much do what you like as long as you have a wee ceremony tucked in there somewhere. For Catherine and Paddy it was all about peace and quiet, and cake, which is why they chose a Roulotte Retreat wedding.

For those of you (like me) who don’t know what a roulotte is it is basically a French gypsy caravan, although that explanation doesn’t really capture their amazing beauty and craftsmanship. These little hand made wooden houses on wheels are absolutely beautiful and are kitted out with everything you’d need for a stay in the Scottish borders. What appealed to me as much as the caravans themselves was the beautiful wildlife meadow they were situated in. The owners of the Roulotte Retreat had worked tirelessly over several years to create their own little bit of paradise. Wonderful for the little water voles (heard, but not seen) and butterflies and great for photographers too!

When I arrived I was shown to the little roulotte where Catherine was getting ready in her absolutely outstanding dress – Paddy was there too but he was tucked into the little porch caught between the summer rain showers outside whilst also being forbidden to look at his wife-to-be before her ceremony. He did an admirable job and didn’t peek once!

After a speedy weather-related ceremony location change (again – easy to do when there are only two of you) I captured some shots of the little ceremony under the cover of a little outdoor seating area. Even though I have been to literally hundreds and hundreds of weddings I still find it extra special when you are just one of a tiny handful of people present at a couple’s wedding ceremony. Only four of us witnessed Paddy and Catherine’s wedding vows, and the personal promises they made to each other, and it’s just so lovely to see.

Since there wasn’t really anything much to do after the ceremony we wandered around the meadow to capture some photographs and hunted for the elusive water vole. Then the sun came out and they generously gave me a slice of their tasty cake and a cup of tea while we sat and chatted for a bit. We then took a few more pictures and I left them in peace after a couple of hours and drove home wondering if it is fair to describe wedding photography as a job after all?..

If you’re planning your own little wedding or elopement and are looking for seclusion and beauty then I’d definitely recommend considering your own Roulotte Retreat wedding. You can also check out some of the other amazing elopements I’ve been a part of over the past few years.


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