New USB Flash Drives

Ever since I started wedding photography I have always provided the images on a disk. Usually a DVD disk as it had the large capacity that I required for 300+ photographs. However, I have become aware recently that more and more people have laptops that don’t have a disk drive built in and haven’t been able to easily use their files. So, from today, I shall no longer be sending out disks and instead I will be posting out my new USB flash drives!

What is the difference? Really, the only difference is the method of transporting and storing the images. The image files themselves are exactly the same – high resolution (usually about 4000 pixels along the longest edge) and with no watermarks or copyright marks at all. Basically you just plug the USB drive into a spare USB port on your computer and you will be able to look at the photographs, copy them to your computer, print from them – essentially everything you could do with the disks I used to send out.

Aside from USB drives being very portable and compatible with just about every computer they are also more robust than a DVD disk (you can’t scratch them) and the drives I supply have an upgraded chipset meaning that they are very reliable.

As I mentioned before, all clients will now receive a USB Flash Drive then I send out the edited photographs in place of disks. If you would like to get one or two extra USB drives, perhaps to give to each set of parents as a gift, you can order extras for just £15 each which are pre-loaded with all of your edited pictures. If you like more than just the one then please just email me and I will send ordering instructions.


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