Glenshee Riverside Elopement

Glenshee Riverside Elopement – Yasmin, Lawrence and Pippa

After what easily became the longest break from weddings that I have experienced in my 20 years in the business, Yasmin and Lawrence’s wedding day came into sight in my diary and I was very excited to be getting back behind the camera again. And what a great wedding to kick off 2021 with too! Their Glenshee riverside elopement had all the key elements for a perfect wedding ceremony: Mountains, rivers, cake and a wonderful Hungarian Vizsla called Pippa.

Yasmin and Lawrence’s laid back approach meant that they could be completely flexible with their day and they only chose the precise ceremony location a few days before the wedding itself. They had certainly picked an epic location on a hidden sandbar, right next to the Shee Water itself, with views down the glen behind them. Aside from one or two hikers, and a lot of sheep, they had the place completely to themselves. There are loads of great reasons to get married in Scotland, but surely being able to get married almost anywhere you fancy is one of the best.

Since a Glenshee wedding was a little too far for my usual elopement celebrant companion Paula (she lives in Arisaig) I had teamed up with one of her Humanist Celebrant colleagues from Thistle Ceremonies, Lucy Black. We worked together last year at the wedding of Thea and Oliver in Glencoe where there were also mountains, and a dog. The wonderful riverside ceremony that Lucy had put together included a traditional quaich (with Belgian beer to represent Yasmin’s home country) and a broom jump. The weather was a bit sketchy, although at least the snow from a few days before had abated, and the deer umbrellas were Christened for a short while, the sun did shine and we made it safely back to the Dalnoid Cottages where they were staying.

As it was vital that I kept up my energy reserves for the rest of the day I had to have a piece of Lawrence and Yasmin’s wedding cake before heading a short distance further into the glen to a secret bog that Lawrence had previously discovered. I was mildly sceptical but he seemed keen so I went along and, I will admit, it was one of the most beautiful bogs I have ever seen and was a perfect place to make the most of the late-afternoon sun that appeared for us before heading back home in time for dinner.

Yasmin and Lawrence were kind enough to leave me a really nice review. You can read it via this link.


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