Glencoe Lochan Elopement

20 December, 2022

Sarah and Christopher’s Glencoe Lochan Elopement

I had known about Glencoe Lochan (a lochan is a small loch) for years and years but, until very recently, hadn’t actually ever gone for a visit. Now that I’ve discovered it, I can’t stay away! My first Glencoe Lochan elopement was earlier this year when I photographed the wedding of Sebastian and Conny — lovers of Harry Potter and corduroy (I’m also a fan btw). Since then I have tended to stop by for a picnic and a quick walk with my dog whenever I am passing that way. A couple of months ago, in October, I was able to visit again to photograph the elopement of Sarah and Christopher.

What Do You Do if it’s Raining, a Lot?

Christopher and Sarah were incredibly laid back about their plans. We had discussed a vague outline of the day but it was all still flexible and open to change. There was only the two of them, plus Sarah’s sister as a witness (I was the other one), so the exact location could be fixed much later without any hassle. The only thing that was certain was that it was to be outdoors. The main thing that drew Sarah and Christopher to Glencoe, from their home in Wales, was the scenery, and they wanted it as a backdrop to their ceremony. An indoor ceremony was out of the question.

We hung about in the Ballachulish Hotel for a little while, waiting for the torrential rain to stop but, needless to say, it didn’t. So, umbrellas packed, we made the short journey to the woodland wonder that is Glencoe Lochan. We found a beautifully sheltered location for the ceremony underneath some towering trees that were planted in 1890 by Lord Strathcona. Apparently, in an effort to make his Canadian wife feel more at home he planted the lochside with trees native to Canada’s Pacific North West.

Into the Mountains!

Once the ceremony was finished it was back to the hotel for the legal signing part, followed by a quaich ceremony. A marvellous wide bay window gave all the lovely light I needed to capture the moment, even on a really dull day. In an attempt to capture images of those iconic mountains that Glencoe is so famous for, Christopher and Sarah bravely decided to head up into the hills. It was certainly extremely dramatic with all of the mountainsides streaming with water run-off, but it wasn’t particularly ideal for photography. Needless to say I was very glad that my cameras are weatherproof. We did manage a few very quick forays from the cars, but the weather had us beaten this time. Not to worry though, as the scenery back down by the hotel at sea level was just gorgeous and we managed to make some great scenic photographs there instead.

If you’re planning a wedding or elopement in Glencoe there are loads of great spots for photography. Here are just a couple of elopements I’ve photographed there in the past.


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