Castle Tioram Elopement – Keenan and Kirsten

Castle Tioram Elopement – Keenan and Kirsten

Very early in the morning on the day of the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, I found myself driving on completely deserted roads through the misty glens and mountains of Glencoe to reach the remote solitude of Tioram Castle where I was to photograph the wedding of Americans Keenan and Kirsten. Despite being a largely unknown Scottish castle this was actually the second castle Tioram elopement I had photographed just this year; the first being the wonderful wedding of Becky and Leigh back on a very sunny in August. Just as for Becky and Leigh’s castle Tioram wedding I was met by the amazing Humanist celebrant Paula Wilkinson who seems to bring good cheer wherever she goes. She is also a font of knowledge about the area since she lives in Arisaig and it definitely worth contacting if you are planning a wedding at Castle Tioram or, for that matter, anywhere in this part of Scotland.

After a brief chat (it was too cold for standing around nattering) we set off for the short walk to Castle Tioram itself, leaving Kirsten behind temporarily because American Keenan loves all things Scottish – including Irn Bru apparently – and wanted to pipe his soon-to-be wife over from the mainland to the castle. I have to be honest, being in such a beautifully secluded spot at such a dramatic time of the year standing next to someone playing the pipes on a rocky outcrop in the sea was pretty darn awesome. Paula the humanist cried a bit and I was pretty close myself. Somehow being there on the shortest day of the year made everything even more romantic. Sure, it was a bit chilly but it wasn’t raining and the sun was there, just scooting over the hilltops. This was about 2pm in the afternoon by the way – that is as high as the sun gets here in the winter.

After the beautiful ceremony, featuring a bit of traditional hand fasting with a tartan ribbon, Keenan and Kirsten signed their marriage paperwork on a camping table borrowed from my campervan, marvelled at  how everyone had managed to avoid stepping in the deer droppings that were everywhere and then went for a little walk for some photographs around the rocky outcrop surrounding the castle. When we had all finished we made our way back to the cars and a local chap drove past and reversed back, not to congratulate the happy couple but just to tell us that there were some otters just around the corner which we might like to go and see (which we did!). The West of Scotland is just that kind of place and I cannot wait to return soon for another Castle Tioram Elopement, although not too many I hope. Sometimes a place should retain its solitude.

Kirsten and Keenan were kind enough to leave me a very lovely review on Google!

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Update: I have been back to photograph another Castle Tioram Elopement since Kirsten and Keenan’s (well, a few actually). You can see the most recent one from March 2020, in wonderfully misty Scottish drizzle, here

I have also been working up in that area of Scotland so much that I have teamed up with Paula to form to form the mini-cooperative Bog Cotton Scottish Elopements – check it out!


Trevor, what you captured was truly remarkable and I know my daughter Kirsten will forever remember this day in the pictures you captured for her. A very happy Dad to say the least!

Wow, thank you so much Mark! It was a very enjoyable day spent working with Kirsten and Keenan and I felt privileged to be there at such a special point in their lives. Thank you for your kind comment!

Absolutely the most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve seen! How romantic…what a memory!

Thank you Nancy, that’s so kind of you!

Eloping in Scotland would be such a dream! I love how beautifully you captured both them and the environment!

This Scottish adventure elopement looks insane. I love it

Castle Tioram, in Scotland is such an epic place for an Elopement! Congrats to these two love birds!

HOLY COW these photos are beautiful. That Scottish Highlands scenery is amazing! Definitely have to put Castle Tioram on my list of places to see now 🙂

Wow! I have never been to Scotland and I had no idea his gorgeous it is! What a beautiful place to elope!

Thank you! Scotland is a brilliant place to elope. Places like castle Tioram are just stunning – you won’t find anywhere else in the world like it for a wedding ?

OMG, these photos are amazing! The solitude of the location really comes through in your work. I have always wanted to go to the Scottish Highlands, an adventure elopement there would be absolutely amazing!

Cheers Sheena! Eloping in the Scottish Highlands is becoming more and more popular. I have a lot of American couples in particular coming to Scotland for a destination wedding here.

My favourite castle, where my sisters and I played in our Moidart childhoods. I’ve twice been asked to conduct ceremonies there, but the dates didn’t work. Some day, I hope!

It’s a beautiful spot isn’t it! I arrived there early and there was not a soul to be seen for the whole 45 minutes. It was just me and the wee birds.


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