Brigodoon Wedding Photographer – Nicky and Alasdair

Brigodoon Wedding Photographer – Nicky and Alasdair

In this Instagram age (@silvphotography) there are simply loads of wedding photographs being posted online all the time and there is definitely a trend towards showing only photographs of the bride and groom in a stunning location, and nobody else. This is often because, well, there wasn’t anybody else. It was just a photoshoot, but you’re not supposed to know that. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love beautiful Instagrammable weddings up in the mountains, and by the sea, I’ve photographed several myself – check out this Isle of Skye elopement and Chloe and Jonathan’s lovely little Arisaig elopement too – but the majority of my clients still actually have proper weddings with a venue and, shock horror, guests and everything else that goes along with a wedding.

I like to show my prospective clients a bit of a mixture of wedding types and picked this beautiful October wedding at the Brigodoon House Hotel in Alloway because it was an actual proper wedding with all the usual stages to the day and the range of emotions that went with it. I’ve been a Brigodoon wedding photographer many times in the past but Nicky and Alasdair’s wedding there was just extra lovely, not least of all because the sun was actually shining, in October, but because their was just so much emotion and happiness. I am, after all, primarily a documentary style wedding photographer as far as I can be and Nicky and Alasdair’s day had loads of lovely things for me to capture to tell their story.

Nicky was a very laid back bride (in my view anyway – I was only around her for a day so who knows for sure 🙂 ) but she emailed me right before the wedding with three special requests for photographs.

1. She wanted a confetti shot.
2. She wanted a sparkler photograph.
3. (the one that worried me a little) She wanted a shot of the stars on the night of her wedding.

Now I love stars as much as the next person but did Nicky realise that this was Scotland, in October, and that the stars can actually only be seen for about 1 day per month on average?.. I was a little bit worried but lucky for her the weather was superb and I was actually quite happy with my astro-photography efforts. The confetti pictures (uber trendy on Instagram right now) worked out well too!

Big thanks to Nicky and Alasdair for letting me share their wedding with you!

If you are looking for a Brigodoon wedding photographer for your forthcoming wedding, whatever the size, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will be delighted to have a chat and see what I can do for you.

Florist: Abbie from Paperwhite Floral Design
Humanist Celebrant: Michael Hines-Mackay
Dress: Wed2Be in Glasgow
Hair: Jenni from Simply Beauty in Troon


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