Parent’s albums are basically wedding albums for parents and family members that are smaller and have fewer pictures in them when compared to the bride and groom’s own album. They are available in two types – Matted and Storybook. The Matted albums are the more traditional type that you might be familiar with – every photograph is displayed behind a card overlay (or matt, hence the name). The Storybook albums have a more contemporary look and are slightly different because they don’t have the overlay on top and give the impression that the photograph is printed directly onto the page, even though it is actually a proper photograph that has been bonded onto a card surface in the album.

(If you, the bride and groom, are ordering your own wedding album from me then there is also the option to have a duplicate version of your own album printed at a smaller size and a minimum order quantity of 2 copies. It is a very cost-effective way of producing wedding albums for parents that contain a larger quantity of photographs and yet are very cost effective. For more details please contact me.)

The custom designed Parent’s Albums I use are always square and take a maximum photograph size of 8″x8″. If you choose a photograph that is square then it will be printed to approximately 8″x8″ whereas a rectangular image will be printed as large as possible whilst fitting into the confines of the square page, normally this is about 8″x6″. There is always one picture per page; for instance, a 10 page album will hold ten pictures. Please scroll down to see images of the albums I use.

Cover Colours

Parent's Album Available Cover Colours. Wedding Albums for Parents.

Storybook Style Album

Storybook Style Parent's Album. Wedding Albums for Parents.

Matted Style Parent’s Album Page (the covers and layouts are identical to the Storybook Style)

Parent's Album Matted Style. Wedding Albums for Parents.


Parent’s Album Order Form

To place an order for your album please complete the form below. The photographs you choose for your album will be mounted into the book in numerical order with one image per side / page. Upon completion the album will be posted to you with an invoice for the final balance which is payable within 14 days of receipt of the album.